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Export a smooth .mov from Flash

I have very little use for Adobe Flash these days, but occasionally a project calls for quick animation that doesn’t warrant a full video. In this case, I needed to export an .mov from flash to use in Keynote.

I designed and created my animation, and it looked great when published as a .swf movie. Unfortunately, it looked terrible when I exported it as a .mov. It was choppy, stuttering, and had a longer run-time than my original. I set out to find a simple solution, and here’s what I found…

Step-by-Step Directions

Export .mov from Flash

  1. Finish your animation and set it to the framerate you want the .mov to use
  2. Go to File->Export->Export Movie…
  3. Under Save as type:, choose PNG Sequence. Create a new folder, name it, and click Save.
  4. Set the height, width, and resolution. For Include, choose Full Document Size. Make sure Smooth is checked. Click Export.
  5. Open Quicktime Pro and go to File->Open Image Sequence…
  6. Navigate to the folder you created and pick the first .png. Make sure to set the frame rate to what you used in Flash. Click Open.
  7. Watch the video to make sure it looks good and then go to File->Save to save your quick .mov animation

Hopefully you don’t have to use this too much, but if you’re not familiar with AfterEffects or another motion graphics application and need a quick, simple animation, it is a good option. Let me know on Facebook or Twitter if you found this useful.


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If you want me to excel, tell me I can't do it. Tell me it will take more than I've got or that no one's ever done it before. I love a challenge.

That's why I'm always learning. I've never been comfortable just knowing what I know. Why didn't I stop at HTML & CSS? Because I had problems they couldn't solve. That's why I learned PHP, MySQL, and JQuery and why I haven't stopped there.

Why do I love design as much coding? Because it challenges me. It's hard to turn a blank canvas into a work of art. It's difficult to combine typography and color and space and form to make something beautiful.

Creation is the ultimate challenge in my eyes. Whether it's through design or programming or anything else, the idea that I can potentially create something that people will find useful and beautiful is what drives me.

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